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Elvis Blue and Lize Beekman celebrate new Afrikaans songs with young talent

10.09.2018 by Marketing Concepts

What do Lucas Maree, Elvis Blue, Lize Beekman, aspiring songwriters and the ATKV have in common? The answer to that question will be revealed next Sunday when the curtain rises at the Atterbury Theatre for the Lucas Maree Songwriting Concert.

As one of the greatest Afrikaans songwriters of all time, Lucas Maree was the inspiration for a songwriting workshop presented in May by the ATKV and Atterbury Trust at the Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool in Pretoria. Young aspiring songwriters came here to learn the secrets of setting to music, arrangement, intellectual property, music rights and much more at the feet of musicians like Elvis Blue, Coenie de Villiers and Lize Beekman,

De Villiers was the brain behind the workshop, and his passion to develop the treasure trove of Afrikaans music, the inspiration behind it. “There is a lot of Afrikaans music out there, but it takes a special talent to compose songs with world-class lyrics and melodies that will settle in hearts and stay popular for longer than next week’s hit parade. Lucas Maree embodied that talent, and for that reason we named the songwriting workshop after him,” explained De Villiers, who will also perform at the concert.

“The idea behind the writing workshop was that existing successful artists wanted to inspire the next generation of songwriters and wanted to show them the ropes of the finer points of the industry, because they will be responsible for the survival and prosperity of the Afrikaans song.”

Elvis Blue and Lize Beekman are the main attractions at the concert, which will also pay homage to Lucas Maree. They will share the stage with Jannie du Toit and Thean Kotze. Three of the talented songwriters who attended the workshop will showcase their own original songs. Jonathan Birch, Nicole du Plessis and Tacita Black are all still school-going and are very excited about Sunday’s concert.

Tacita, Jonathan and Nicole are really remarkably talented, and we, as the old guard in music, are very excited to share it with the publick,” De Villiers said.

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