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Sandton Central’s example in urban management is showcased for Africa

31.10.2018 by Marketing Concepts

The future of Africa is urban and the outlook for African cities is exciting. The quality of urban life for city dwellers, however, is directly tied to the quality of urban governance.


To share her unique insights on effective urban management, Elaine Jack, City Improvement District (CID) Manager of Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) was invited to attend the recent Africa Innovation Summit (AIS) held in Kigali, Rwanda.


The AIS is a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform that attracts nearly 1,000 stakeholders from various countries and sectors to support and drive innovative and disruptive solutions to Africa’s challenges.


Africa has the fastest growing urban population globally. By 2030, at least six of the world’s 40-plus megacities will be in Africa, being Cairo, Lagos, Kinshasa, Luanda, Dar es Salaam and Joburg. With a big share of their national populations, they will be key drivers of their countries’ economic performance.


Making these cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals is a massive task. Urbanisation is likely to compound Africa’s structural challenges, which could lead to more slums and pull existing neighbourhoods into slums.


Can Africa’s urban development keep pace with rapid and dramatic population increases? Can it lead to a better life for all? These were some of the tough issues discussed by the AIS panel in which Jack participated, titled African Cities: Transforming Slums Through Innovation.


“It was exciting and inspiring to join leaders from across Africa who are looking for solutions for their cities. Our desired urban future is sustainable, walkable, liveable spaces. To achieve this, many countries across the world recognise CIDs as a new model of sub-municipal governance that helps to secure private capital not only to prevent urban decay but also to improve the attractiveness of a city’s central spaces,” says Jack.


Sandton Central is Africa’s financial, legal and business capital. It offers a brilliant variety of world-class retail, restaurant, hotel, residential and leisure amenities, and some of South Africa’s best transport infrastructure for trains, buses, taxis, private vehicles, pedestrians and bikes.


Many of the valuable insights that Jack shared with the summit AIS came out of the EcoMobility World Festival, hosted by Sandton Central in 2015 with the City of Johannesburg.


“Sandton Central is defining what it means to be a leading city in a big way. Improved transport infrastructure has been a game-changer for the district and is key to all well-managed cities,” says Jack.


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